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7 Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Tire Alignment

Are you wondering how to tell your tires need to be aligned? Click here for seven telltale signs that you vehicle needs a tire alignment.

While the United States has over 250 million cars available, not all these cars are roadworthy. You need to remember that car maintenance has to happen often enough to be beneficial, once every year or every 10,000 miles. One of the main ways you can do this is by checking your tire alignment, but how do you know how to tell if something might be wrong here?

Below, we have listed seven ways that you can tell if your car's tires might not be well-aligned. If, after reading this, you notice any of these it might be time to take your car to the garage. So, keep reading and stay safe.

Squealing Tires

If the camber or toe settings of your wheel's alignment system come out of their normal place, they will sit on the road inequally. This will cause extra friction, and you will hear a squealing sound when the wheels turn.

This friction can cause other issues, such as extra wear on your tires, but the squealing will be much more immediate.

Steering Is Off

When you are driving down a straight road, your steering wheel should align forward and upright. There might be a small amount of drift because of the road's camber, but not much.

If the steering wheel has strayed a lot when you are driving forward, this is a sure-fire sign that your car's tires are out of alignment.

Steering Wheel Does Not Return

If the wheel does not return to the 12-o'clock position after finishing a turn, it suggests you need wheel or tire maintenance. You can test this by taking your hands off of the steering wheel for a very short period in a safe environment to see if it returns to the center by itself.

Steering Wheel Feels Loose

If, when you turn the steering wheel, very little tire movement occurs, you might need to put your car in for vehicle maintenance. It might be alignment, or might be that the power steering is not working.

Steering Wheel Vibrates

A vibrating wheel suggests that there is something wrong with the steering system. This might include poorly-aligned wheels.

Tire Wear Not Equal

Bad wheel alignment strongly reduces your tire life, but not in an equal way. You should find that one tire wears away much faster than the other.

Vehicle Pulls in One Direction

When driving down a straight road, your car should continue naturally in a straight line. If you find it drifting or pulling to the side, this might be a sign that you need to check if you still have aligned tires.

What to Do About Tire Alignment

Now that you know the above about tire alignment, you should be able to work out if you need professional help. If you do, then we are ready to help you understand the issue with your car. Our team of mechanics is poised to work with you and fix whatever issue your vehicle has.

Do not hesitate, if something is wrong with your car now it will likely only get worse. Call now to book an appointment and we will inspect your vehicle at the earliest convenience.

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