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Remote Starters for Cars & Trucks

Start Your Car or Truck from Inside at Home or Work

What Is A Remote Car Starter?

A remote car starter is a wireless, radio-controlled device that can start your vehicle’s engine from a specified distance using a remote control. These devices conveniently start your vehicle from a distance, which comes in handy for controlling your car’s temperature, especially during New Hampshire’s frigid winters.


Benefits of Remote Starters:


Start Your Car Remotely - Instead of braving the cold to start your car and chip away at ice, you can save yourself time and prevent yourself from freezing by starting your vehicle remotely.


Good for Your Engine - By giving your engine enough time to warm up before driving, especially in cold weather, you will increase the life and performance of your engine.


Security - Some auto remote starters have anti-theft security features built-in. Some starters have additional security features that you can activate if your vehicle is stolen.


Increased Re-Sell Value - Vehicles equipped with remote car starters will have a higher re-sell value than vehicles without them. Cars and trucks with remote car starters are in higher demand, especially in locations with extreme climate conditions, like New Hampshire.

Remote Starters

Stand Alone Remote Start Package

•    (2) One Button 1-Way Transmitters
•    Up to 1000 ft. Range with Bypass
•    Glass Mount Antenna with Built-in LED Light and Valet Switch
•    Parking Light Verification
•    Limited Lifetime Warranty

WAS $499.00

Your Price: $399.00 Installed

Call us in Manchester 603 232 5283,

Hooksett 603 792-2273 or Berlin 603 215-6589

to learn more and make an appointment

to install your new remote starter today!

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