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Beat the Heat: Car AC Maintenance Tips for Summer

To avoid your car breaking down or overheating this summer, check out this car AC maintenance guide. Do it now before the high temperatures set in.

While the temperature might be pleasant now, it won’t be long before New Hampshire’s warm, humid summer hits with its 80-degree highs.

That makes now the time to worry about your air conditioning. When summer arrives, you’ll be glad you took the time for some basic car AC maintenance every time you go for a drive.

There are a few checks you can run yourself to ensure everything is working fine, but most maintenance or repairs should be taken care of by a pro. Let’s take a look at some car AC maintenance tips to help you avoid being without AC during the worst of the summer heat.

Run Some Basic Checks

Before it starts to heat up, take some time to give your AC the once over. Since you haven’t been running it for a while, you’re looking for anything unusual that might call for professional service.

Start by turning on the AC and running through this quick checklist.

  • Listen for any unusual noises from the AC

  • Smell the air coming out of the AC

  • Test the fan speeds

  • Check that air is coming out of all of the vents

  • Check the inside temperature to ensure it’s cooling

Noises and weak airflow can indicate issues with the compressor or a clogged filter, while odd smells could mean a mildew buildup in the system.

Temperature problems could mean your refrigerant has gotten low or needs to be replaced. You can take a look at the level in the sight glass under the hood and check the color as well. If it isn’t clear, it could mean water or air has gotten into the system, and the refrigerant should be replaced.

Car AC System Maintenance

If you notice any issues after running your checks, it’s time to bring your car in for care. Just like you prep your car for winter weather, it’s important to take the time to fix any issues with AC before you’ll need it.

Your mechanic should run through their own basic checklist to pinpoint any issues your AC might have that would call for service or repair. This include

  • Mounting bolts in place and secure

  • Caps on the system service port

  • Compressor clutch engages when the AC is turned on

  • Clicking or cycling noises

  • Belts checked for cracks and wear

  • Hoses checked for weak spots or signs of leaks

  • Evaporator drain not blocked

The big thing your mechanic will handle is recharging your AC coolant and oil. If it’s low, you can overheat the compressor and cause it to fail. Depending on the age of your car, you could need the newer refrigerant mandated by the EPA, so it’s best to let them handle that particular task.

Have the Coolest Car on the Block With Proper Car AC Maintenance

Take time each spring to check over your car’s air conditioning system to ensure it’s there for you when July’s heat and humidity hit. You can run through the car AC maintenance checklist above before taking it in for service or have your mechanic give it a good going over.

Want to make sure your car is ready for summer? Schedule service at any of our three locations to have regular car AC maintenance done to beat the heat.

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